Documentation Requirements, Design and Reviewing Techniques of Workpapers

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8.0 Credits

How documentation compliance be maintained while delivering stronger and smarter audit support in less time? This course aims to help identify efficiencies while ensuring that engagements stay compliant.

Pinpoint the key GAAS/SSARS requirements and then walk through two audit case studies with different operations/risk profiles. From these studies, tailor procedures to document the key risks areas "front and center" and thereby decreasing the peripheral documentation for non-risk areas which often can become time consuming. This course will also cover how best to address planning, substantive and final analytics.

Throughout all of this, cover best practices to accomplish reviewing workpapers efficiently and manage a team and clients.

Bonus Section: To further increase time management skills, there will be Productivity Hacks, Apps, Tips and Tricks section.



  • Identify authoritative pronouncements relating to engagement documentation.
  • Determine and outline key risk areas and how to more efficiently document them.
  • Identify how to effectively and efficiently review workpapers and establish best practices for team management.
  • Recognize productivity hacks, apps, tips and tricks.

Major Topics

  • Documentation relating to specific areas of fraud, use of estimate, related parties, legal contingencies and the ability of the entity to continue as a going concern.
  • Ownership, confidentiality and retention of working papers.
  • The effect of working papers on the CPA's legal liability
  • Types of working papers and their organization within the engagement documentation, including electronic paperless approaches and tips.
  • Common deficiencies in engagement documentation as noted in peer reviews.
  • Management process and approach to workpaper review.
  • Pronouncements relating to the content of working papers for review and audit engagements.

Designed For

CPAs, auditors and financial professionals.



Advanced Preparation