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Angela Floyd

Culture Shock Consultant and Therapy Services, LLC

Dr. Angela Floyd is an educator, consultant, clinician, presenter, and the founder of Culture Shock Consultant and Therapy Services, LLC. Her training and expertise in both Counseling Psychology and Clinical Social Work has contributed to her wealth of knowledge and compassion for mental health stability and establishing and maintaining positive relationships with others. She has provided services to children and their families of diverse backgrounds for over 20 years. As a school social worker in Hillsborough County, she currently provides developmental assessments for children with suspected disabilities. Throughout the community, she provides trainings, workshops, and presentations on topics such as cultural relevancy and responsiveness, racial and implicit biases, ethnic identity development, colorblindess, and transracial adoptions. As a Guest Lecturer at St. Leo University, Dr. Floyd provides presentations to students and staff on diversity and cultural competence. Additional presentations have included topics for youth groups on positive self-identity, coping strategies, and social media safety. As a consultant, she offers guidance, support, and feedback on building relationships, inclusiveness, and cultural awareness. Dr. Floyd’s compassion for mental health awareness and stability, cultural relevancy, and responsiveness is visible as she engages various audiences in real conversations about respect for individual differences.