Internship Opportunity Engine FAQ

Who can post internship opportunities?
Only FICPA members or firm administrators can post internship positions. Learn more about the benefits of FICPA membership

How much does it cost?
There is no charge for this member service.

How long can my internships be posted?
Your listings can be posted for up to 90 days. After 90 days, the listing will be automatically deactivated. You have the ability to activate the posting again should you need more time to fill the position.

What is the firm responsible for?
Your firm/company is responsible for ensuring overall accuracy of the content and editing the text. You will also set the deadline for filling the position and pull/deactivate the listing if the position is filled or becomes unavailable.

How do you post an internship position?
Visit the FICPA Internship Opportunity Engine under the CPA Resources Tools for Members on the FICPA web site. Posting a listing requires a member log-in.

How do I indicate where the internship is located?
Employers have a "page" per physical office address (location of the internship) where they can post one or more internship positions. When you log in, the location is automatically linked to your membership work address. If you are a firm administrator, you will have the ability to select the specific address from your firm’s multiple locations.

Where are the positions located?
The positions must be located within Florida.

Our firm has several offices.  Am I able to post internships at various locations?
Yes, each of the offices can post one or more positions.

Is there a limit on the number/frequency of internships an employer can post?
No. The more opportunities, the better for students and employers.

Can I save my posting(s) for future use?
Yes, employers have the ability to mark each page as “active” or “inactive.” Only active pages can be viewed by students. Employers will be able to access their inactive pages to edit and reactivate them with new postings.

Who do I contact for more information, tech support or to report abuse?
For more information about the program and its use, contact Angie Brooke at

For tech support, contact

  1. Only FICPA members (regular, firm administrator, associate) can post internships and will need to log in as a member to access the area.
  2. The member is responsible for the accuracy of the content posted.
  3. The member is responsible for editing the posting as needed.
  4. The member is responsible for removing the posting when no longer applicable.
  5. A position can be posted for a maximum of 90 days, after which time it will be automatically removed.
  6. An employer can post more than one position per office.
  7. Positions entered must be located within the state of Florida.
  8. Only FICPA members can view posted internships and will need to log in as a member to access the area.
  9. If a member is found to be abusing the site, he or she may lose their privilege to use the service.
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