Succession Planning for Business (and Real Estate, Farm and Ranch) Update - Saving the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg

Friday, September 18, 2020
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1:00 PM - 5:00 PM(opens at 12:30PM) EST
Technical Business

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Level: Intermediate
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Field of Study: Taxes


This course analyzes why family business succession plans (or the lack thereof) most often fail, identifies the precipitating downfalls and explores remedies to prevent them. A model(s) is presented for effective succession from one generation to the next. Particular emphasis is provided on how recent developments and estate and gift tax uncertainty on the immediate horizon may tip the balance.


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  • To learn the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurial business desiring to pass on within the family to a future generation(s) and approaches and tax breaks making it possible


Major Topics:

  • Basic questions to be addressed for effective succession planning 
  • Developing a plan (step-by-step format)
  • Recent developments worthy of attention and action                             
  • When to begin planning, how often to revisit an existing plan                                                                 
  • Transfer and income tax considerations
  • Protection maneuvers against creditors, predators and in-laws                        
  • Capital structure devices: family partnerships, family LLCs, S corps  
  • Direct lifetime vs. testamentary gifts, transfers and intra-family sales              
  • Liquidity considerations      
  • Symptoms of a plan in trouble, possible solutions                           
  • How CPAs may enter the succession planning fray to build their own businesses

Designed For:

All CPAs


The desire to learn