Not-for-Profit Organizations Accounting Conference-Now Fully Virtual

Not-for-Profit Organizations Accounting Conference
Thursday, May 28, 2020 - Friday, May 29, 2020
Webcast or Webinar, Online
8:00am - 4:15pm(opens at 7:30am) EST
Accounting and Auditing and Technical Business

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Field of Study: Auditing, Accounting, Computer Software and Applications, Specialized Knowledge, Information Technology


Currently, the FICPA plans to host the Not-for-Profit Organizations Accounting Conference as scheduled. We are taking this day by day and will announce any changes as they come. Rest assured that the FICPA remains diligent in ensuring that the safety and security of our members, speakers, attendees, staff and operational personnel remains our top priority. Read more »


From the Chair
Mark Erickson,
NPC Conference Chair

Due to social distancing requirements related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Not-for-Profit Organizations Conference will only be available on line.  In-person registrants will be transferred to the virtual conference.
The FICPA community of staff, members and speakers are coming together in these challenging times to bring you the best CPE via virtual presentation.  We extend great appreciation to our presenters, willing to accommodate the new platform, as well as to our attendees without whose support this conference would not be possible. 

Not-for-Profits face many unique challenges.  They must learn how to operate efficiently and effectively, making the most of their limited resources.  This FICPA annual conference offers financial professionals in this sector two full days of cutting-edge information and updates from experts in the field. We have a great line-up of topics and thought leaders, all providing you with the latest information you need to succeed - from  digital communications, FASB Updates and Revenue Recognition to Endowments and Donor Advised Funds, Telling Your Board Story and much more.  

You'll be able to interact with the presenters and ask questions via our on-line forum. So, please register, log-in and participate. We want you and your staff to take advantage of this great opportunity, so, we are offering a variety of discounts to support your participation - new attendees $100 off; young CPAs $150 off; and groups of 5 or more from the same organization 15% off.  So, please, mark your calendars for this once per year event.

CPE Credit:

This virtual conference qualifies for up to 16 hours of CPE credit.  CPE credit is subject to approval by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. 

Conference Materials:
Conference reference materials are distributed to registrants electronically in advance of the program.  This fully searchable PDF includes speaker presentations and is intended for electronic use only.


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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Registration & Continental Breakfast

Time: Thursday 7:30am - 8:00am

Introduction & Opening Remarks

Time: Thursday 8:00am - 8:10am

Implementing Digital Communications, Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing in Your NFP Organzation

Time: Thursday 8:10am - 9:00am Credits: 1 TB

When it comes to information technology, you can undertake complex and expensive initiatives, or you can go after the "low hanging fruit." Explore how you can harness the power of Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 apps to implement a comprehensive communications, collaboration and knowledge sharing platform quickly and inexpensively.

FASB Update: What You Need to Know

Time: Thursday 9:00am - 9:50am Credits: 1 AA

Learn significant developmnts in GAAP for NFPs since last year's conference: implementation matters for recent major standards (especially on revenue recognition, grants & contracts, leases), new standards, and noteworthy projects in process (especially on gifts-in-kind).

Understanding and Implementing FASB's New Leases Standard

Time: Thursday 10:00am - 10:50am Credits: 1 AA

FASB's new leases standard is upon us all - already for NFPs with public debt, soon for other NFPs.  Learn to survive (and maybe even thrive) when entering the "Brave New World" of on-balance sheet operating leases.  We'll take up where the FASB Update left off and do a deeper dive into Topic 842, using examples to explore some of the more judgmental areas, covering some FAQs and giving you some practical implementation tips.

Revenue Recognition: Getting it Right

Time: Thursday 10:50am - 11:40am Credits: 1 AA

Not-for-profits face many challenges in recognizing their revenue.  One of the primary challenges relates to assessing whether certain not-for-profit revenue transactions are actually contributions or exchange transactions. Furthermore, when evaluating transactions that meet the definition of a contribution, there may be a variety of other considerations including whether a contribution is conditional, an agency transaction, or a promise to give, and if it is a promise to give, whether the promise is legally enforceable. These judgments often drive the decision on whether to record revenue at a point in time or over time.  Confusion over these challenges may be compounded by the fact that not-for-profits are implementing FASB's new revenue recognition standard as well as a new FASB standard on not-for-profit financial reporting. Nonetheless, following best practices can help not-for-profit preparers and their auditors avoid common mistakes.  Learn the latest on revenue recognition and how it impacts your NFP.

Nonprofit Insurance and Risk Management: A New Decade Brings New Challenges

Time: Thursday 12:40pm - 1:30pm Credits: 1 TB

Now that 2020 is upon us, there are new challenges in the nonprofit risk management world.  Explore the year head along with solutions to the developing risk management issues faced by today's nonprofit agency.

Endowments & Donor Advised Funds

Time: Thursday 1:30pm - 2:20pm Credits: 1 TB

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are flexible tools which can be used for a number of charitable giving purposes. One increasingly popular use is to use an “endowment-style” DAF in lieu of a private foundation for those with charitable intentions of leaving a legacy that will continue to have an impact on the world many years into the future, given that DAFs are cheaper to operate, more tax efficient, more flexible, and eligible for higher limits on tax deductibility of contributions. However, while much attention has been given to how individuals should allocate a portfolio throughout their own lifespan, considerably less attention has been given to the question of how to best allocate a portfolio if one’s time horizon is “forever”. Especially when it has flexibility with respect to its distributions. Examine the required accounting and disclosures for endowments and donor advised funds.  Examples will be provided.

Liquidity and Availability: Lessons Learned

Time: Thursday 2:30pm - 3:20pm Credits: 1 TB

Review the requirements of the new liquidity and availability disclosure requirement.  Examples will be provided of how others have disclosed this information in their financial statements and the story it tells about them.

Internal Controls in the Cloud: What an Organization Should Know

Time: Thursday 3:20pm - 4:10pm Credits: 1 AA

Moving to the cloud, whether it is IaaS, or SaaS, is nearly inevitable in the current market.  As a user of cloud services, it is important to understand the risk and control landscape an organization must navigate.  Learn what an organization should know when using cloud providers as a component of their supply chain.  Hear about internal control boundaries and who is responsible for what.  Explore tools and resources, such as the Cloud Security Alliance and ISO/IEC 27017:2015, that an organization can utilize when determining control boundaries and assessing internal controls.Monitor your cloud provider's controls through SOC examination and understand complementary user entity controls.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Continental Breakfast & Remarks

Time: Friday 7:30am - 8:10am

Not-for-Profit Reporting Agencies: How Best to Utilize Their Services

Time: Friday 8:10am - 9:00am Credits: 1 TB

Studies have shown that the charity sector has experienced a decline of 20,000,000 (12%) donors since 2008.  While there are many reasons for this, the lack of trust and accountability cannot be ignored.  But how do charities achieve trustworthiness?  This session will share details of an important approach charities can use to demonstrate their trustworthiness to donors.  While the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability are a fundamental tool to improve charity practices and educate donors,  accountants and auditors would do well to apply these in their engagements with charity clients.

A Good Acronym and A Lot Of Tax Topics

Time: Friday 9:00am - 9:50am Credits: 1 TB

Our hour will cover the following topics: extended dates for filing Forms 990, 990-EZ, 990-PF and 990-T; a non-itemizers contribution deduction for 2020 and increased 2020 itemizer and corporate contribution deduction limitations; a single IRC Section tax rate for private foundation net investment income; the rescinding of the IRC Section 512(a)(7) application of the unrelated business income tax to employer provided parking; proposed regulations for IRC Section 512(a)(6), the "siloing" rule for unrelated business income generating activities and proposed regulations for donor advised fund (DAF) payments benefiting donors, satisfaction of donor pledges and public support implications for donor advised fund donee charities.

Audit Update

Time: Friday 10:00am - 10:50am Credits: 1 AA

Explore an overview of recently issued Statements on Auditing Standards as well as outstanding exposure documents issued by the Auditing Standards Board.  Discuss current initiatives of the AICPA which will affect current and future CPAs.

PPP Loans Part 2: The Coming Storm

Time: Friday 10:50am - 11:40am Credits: 1 TB

You've already been through the PPP Loan application process, now how do we get the loan balances waived?  Don't miss this important and timely session, as we make our way through these uncharted territories.

Government Auditing Standards Update

Time: Friday 12:40pm - 1:30pm Credits: 1 AA

Explore an overview of the 2018 Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book) and focus on the changes having the most likely impact on CPAs performing audits under these standards.  Particular attention will be given to the changes in the independence and competence standards as well as the impact of providing non-audit services on independence.

2020 Employment Law Update for Florida Employers

Time: Friday 1:30pm - 2:20pm Credits: 1 TB

The risk of litigation and/or governmental fines and sanctions continues to grow.  It is more important than ever to be focused on regulatory compliance and creating a harmonious workplace. This interactive session is designed to highlight where there is rick in labor issues and offer solutions to minimize the risk. Learn about recent changes for Florida employers and how to best manage processes and people to remain in conformity with regulatory expectations.

Cyber Fraud: What You Need To Know

Time: Friday 2:30pm - 4:10pm Credits: 2 AA

Gain a better understanding of cyber fraud.  Learn about the various types of cyber frauds and how criminals commit these frauds.  Understand some of the legal and ethical implications involved.  Examples of real world cases will be provided to help develop an understanding of the risks involved.  We will review policies, procedures, hardware, software and internal controls that can be used to help alert organizations for they are not victimized.  This course would benefit CPAs, CFFs, CGMA, CFEs, CFOs, CEOs, and other financial professional.


  • Learn about the latest technology tools for NFPs
  • Hear the latest from FASB
  • Explore issues in revenue recognition and leases
  • Examine liquidity disclosure best practices
  • Learn about internal controls in the Cloud
  • Utilize not-for-profit reporting agencies
  • Explore cyber security issues - from fraud to ransomware
  • Hear what's happening with Form 990/UBIT 
  • and more!

Major Topics:

  • Technology tools for NFPs
  • FASB Update
  • Leases
  • Revenue recognition
  • Liquidity disclosures best practices
  • Internal controls in the Cloud
  • Not-for-Profit reporting agencies
  • Board reporting
  • Cyber fraud
  • Most popular breakout sessions

Designed For:

CPAs and financial professionals practicing in, or have clients in, the not-for-profit area




"The conference was very well organized.  The speakers were very knowledgeable, eloquent and interesting.  The topics were very informative." -- Andrew Warburton, Assistant Controller, Port Miami

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