Management Fundamentals (MAFU)

Friday, September 18, 2020
Webcast or Webinar, Online
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM(opens at 1:00 PM) EST

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$139.00 Regular Price
$199.00 Regular Price
Course Type: Webcast
Course Code: 20/SUMAFU04
Level: Basic
Vendor: Surgent
Field of Study: Personnel/HR


In a recent Gallup study, 50% of respondents quit because of their manager, which makes your managers and supervisors your company's first line of defense against costly turnover. This program looks at management from a broad perspective and then drills down into key skills needed to manage effectively.


  • Gain key skills needed to manage effectively

Major Topics:

  • What it takes to be effective as a manager
  • Exploring the challenges that get in the way
  • Looking at the driving forces that have evolved how managers engage with employees today
  • Motivating employees of multi-generations
  • Twelve practices that can be adopted to influence employees to become more engaged
  • Identifying what it takes to develop employees
  • Delegation and accountability

Designed For:

New managers as well as existing managers looking to refresh their management skills