Insurance Agency Accounting for Dummies and Geniuses

Friday, September 18, 2020
Webcast or Webinar, Online
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM(opens at 1:30 PM) EST
Accounting and Auditing and Technical Business

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Course Type: Webcast
Course Code: 20/ACIADG12
Level: Intermediate
Vendor: ACPEN
Field of Study: Accounting, Specialized Knowledge


This Course defines the most commonly used terminology related to accounting issues. It explains that primary setup decisions that an agency/brokerage management team must make in creating or revamping its reporting systems. It also discusses options in aggregating necessary financial information via workflows in the organization and covers reconciliation issues with carriers and surplus brokers. The course also covers common valuation methodologies to determine the equity value of an agency or brokerage.


  • Understand and be able to define the most common agency/brokerage accounting and financial reporting terms
  • Determine methodologies to aggregate accounting detail in those organization and use the basic financial reports available to agencies and brokerages
  • Understand and differentiate the two primary methods of agency/brokerage valuation techniques

Major Topics:

  • Terminology
  • Financial Reporting Methodologies
  • Agency/Brokerage staff organization and workflows to capture financial detail
  • Financial Reports and their usage
  • Agency/Valuation methodologies and formulas

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