Handling High Risk Situations While Avoiding Significant Liability

Thursday, April 08, 2021
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Good judgment will serve HR Professionals well in handling most employee relations matters.  However, there are three special situations where legal requirements dictate very specific handling to avoid significant employer and personal liability: Reasonable Accommodation Requests, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, and Disclosures of Medical Conditions. HR Professionals will learn how to coach leaders to meet all legal requirements and comply with policy when handling these special situations.



  • How to coach your leaders in effective employee relations practices that minimize employer and personal liability
  • Get scripted responses to use in sensitive employee relations situations
  • How to avoid senior managers saying to HR “You should have anticipated this” after an avoidable legal claim

Major Topics:

Reasonable Accommodation Requests, the tactics to respond appropriately to:

* Requests for accommodations for religious practices.

* Requests for accommodations for disabilities.

* Coworkers’ inquiries regarding accommodations that they observe.


Drug and Alcohol Abuse, the tactics that will to fairly:

* Discuss conduct or performance problems with an employee with a potential alcohol or drug problem.

* Confront an employee in an obvious impairment situation.

* Make corrective action and/or termination decisions for substance abuse without violating the disability laws.

* Reintegrate an employee after substance abuse rehabilitation.


Disclosures of Medical Conditions, how to effectively:

* Handle an employee’s disclosure of a potentially contagious infection.

* Prevent workplace disruptions over potentially contagious infections.

* Make retention decisions.

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