Newly Certified Members

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Within the last 30 days, the following FICPA members have successfully met all requirements to practice as a certified public accountant in Florida. Becoming a CPA is an accomplishment and we would like to congratulate Florida's newest certified public accountants.

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Name Firm City Certification Date
Aquinin, Max EJS Solutions Inc. Hialeah 02/02/2019
Arnaes Rojas, Cindy P. Cindy P. Arnaes Rojas, CPA Miami 02/05/2019
Ayala Maymi, Harry E. BKHM, PA Winter Park 01/28/2019
Campbell, Caelin R. Skoda Minotti CPAs, Business & Financial Advisors Tampa 02/22/2019
Castaneda, Stephanie K. FPL Juno Beach 12/31/2019
Fitzgibbons, Nancy T. Spoor Bunch Franz St Petersburg 01/28/2019
Hendricks, Jeffrey M. Frazier & Deeter CPAs & Advisors Tampa 02/11/2019
Jackson, Elizabeth A. RSM US LLP Fort Lauderdale 02/01/2019
Lalchan, Delia N. Caler, Donten, Levine, Cohen, Porter & Veil, PA W Palm Beach 02/11/2019
Landera, Nicholas L. Appelrouth, Farah & Co, PA Coral Gables 01/27/2019
Lodish, Ryan Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors and Accountants, LLP Miami 01/31/2019
Marinov, Nikolay T. Nikolay T. Marinov, MBA, CMA, CHAE, CPA Naples 01/31/2019
McClure, Michael T. Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors and Accountants, LLP W Palm Beach 02/06/2019
Nacusse, Maria M. Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors and Accountants, LLP Miami 02/05/2019
Parada, Cicely A. Cicely A. Parada, CPA Boca Raton 01/29/2019
Perez, Karina Crowe LLP Miami 02/05/2019
Pulido, Stephanie P. Grennan Fender Hess & Poparad LLP Orlando 02/14/2019
Roldan Chatt, Patricia Grant Thornton LLP Orlando 02/11/2019
Spiller, Aliyah Y. Chauvet & Sons, LLC Sunrise 01/29/2019
Tran, Athalie N. BDO USA, LLP Orlando 02/04/2019
Turbyfill, Thomas O. Thomas O. Turbyfill, MBA, CPA Gulf Stream 12/31/2019
Villa, Heidi M. Heidi M. Villa, Peter, CPA Bartow 02/11/2019
Vitek, Adam J. Masters, Smith & Wisby, PA Jacksonville 01/25/2019
Watts, Adam C. Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors and Accountants, LLP Miami 02/11/2019
Weston, Erik M. Erik M. Weston, CPA Tampa 12/31/2019
Yuhas, Joseph M. Jr Thomas Howell Ferguson, PA Tallahassee 02/14/2019