Most Popular Courses Online

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We know you're busy during the week and during the day. That's why we've put together this list of our most popular courses online, for your convenience. From updates to full-blown technical business courses, the FICPA has you covered.

*Please note all times are Eastern Standard Time.

Date Day Time Credits Course Title Course Type
01/21/2019 Monday 9:00 AM 8.0 TB The Best S Corporation, Limited Liability, and Partnership Update Course by Surgent (BCPE) (SU1108) Webcast
01/23/2019 Wednesday 11:30AM 8.0 TB The Best Federal Tax Update Course by Surgent (BFTU) (SU1111) Webcast
01/23/2019 Wednesday 9:30 AM 8.0 TB Form 1041: Down to the Basics (4181495E) Webcast
01/23/2019 Wednesday 1:00 PM 2.0 TB Benford's Law: A Valuable Audit Tool (ACBLAV02) Webcast
01/23/2019 Wednesday 8:30am 8.0 AA Fiduciary Accounting for Florida Replay (FAFWR10) Webcast
01/24/2019 Thursday 12:00PM 4.0 TB Understanding Section 199A: Business Income Deduction (ACUSBI13) Webcast
01/24/2019 Thursday 11:30AM 8.0 AA Basic Concepts of Governmental Accounting, Financial Reporting and Auditing (4181646D) Webcast
01/26/2019 Saturday 1:00 PM 1.0 AA / 1.0 TB Bribery and Corruption: It CAN Happen in Your Organization (ACBCIC02) Webcast
01/28/2019 Monday 10:00AM 2.0 TB What CPAs Should Know About Trust Instruments (TRIT) (SU1124) Webcast
01/30/2019 Wednesday 9:30 AM 8.0 TB Social Security Basics and Strategies For Maximizing Benefits (4182922E) Webcast
02/05/2019 Tuesday 3:00 PM 1.0 TB Cyber Risk and Accountants Best Practices (ACCRAB03) Webcast
02/05/2019 Tuesday 1:00 PM 2.0 TB Successfully Completing an Income Tax Return for a Trust or Estate -- Form 1041 (FM41) (SU1138) Webcast
02/11/2019 Monday 12:00PM 2.0 AA Fraud Brainstorming and Interviewing Techniques for Auditors and Accountants (ACFBIT03) Webcast
02/11/2019 Monday 3:00 PM 2.0 TB Why QDROs Demand the CPAs Attention (ACWQD02) Webcast