Coronavirus: How to Prepare your Business, Employees, and Customers

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What would you do if a customer or client is diagnosed with Coronavirus after visiting your office? Are you taking steps to protect your employees? So many questions, so many risks, so many opportunities! We will discuss the critical issues you need to consider, how to develop a response plan, and how to find the silver lining?

Jennifer will address your biggest questions or concerns about this issue.


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Like you, the FICPA is concerned about the growing spread of COVID-19, a new strain of the coronavirus family.

As the impact of COVID-19 evolves, we will continue to share information and updates on how it is impacting the CPA community. In the immediate term, the FICPA encourages attendees of our own meetings, as well as staff, to practice good health habits. For updates, please visit our resource center »


FICPA Coronavirus Resource Center