Working Paper Documentation

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2.0 Credits

Workpapers support the creation of a tax return. You must provide proper data for your work, through accurate documentation of the position taken on a return and by providing authoritative support for it. This documentation not only impacts the preparer but also is required by the IRS to complete a proper audit of the return. The Internal Revenue Code requires every taxpayer to keep records and statements necessary for the proper administration of the tax laws. The accounting records of a taxpayer must include the regular books of account, as well as any working papers that may be necessary to support the entries on the books of account and in the tax return. However, nothing in federal tax law prescribes a specific format for tax return working papers. This webcast will help you take out the guesswork. With content updated for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), it will help you appropriately and adequately prepare, organize and understand workpapers


 Recall how to interpret and document tax return information and correctly organize workpapers.

 Identify which workpapers are appropriate for specific tax situations.

 Recall how to prepare an Accrual to Cash Conversion Workpaper.

 Recognize how to conduct efficient and meaningful research within tax online services.

Major Topics

Key Topics

 Source of data for tax adjustments from books

 Authority documentation

 Case studies - good and bad workpapers

Designed For

 CPAs, particularly new tax staff