Fraud and Cash Receipts: Common Frauds and Internal Controls

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4.0 Credits

Revenue and cash receipts are two critical areas requiring strong controls to prevent intentional fraud or unintentional misstatements. While fraud in these areas is well-publicized in larger companies, it also occurs, and is more likely, in smaller businesses and not-for-profit entities. With a dedicated focus on areas posing the greatest risk, this webcast is designed to help you develop a sound and tailored system to meet the needs of your organization.


- Identify common frauds in the revenue and cash receipts processes.

- Identify internal controls that mitigate various risks.

- Recall an analysis process to improve efficient and effective risk management in your organization.

Major Topics

Topics Discussed

- Traditional revenue system

- Retail revenue cycle

- Manufacturing revenue cycle

- Service revenue cycle

- Accounts receivable and billing

- Cash receipts

- Revenue frauds and fraudulent financial reporting

Designed For

Auditors, practitioners, and all levels of CPA professionals