Choice of and Formation of Entity

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4.0 Credits

This webcast is part of the Tax Staff Essentials program. This webcast arms you with clarity about alternatives regarding choice of entity. We will detail the costs, advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. Afterwards, you will be empowered to have focused discussions with your clients. You will then be empowered to have focused discussions with your clients. Additionally, you will feel confident in offering recommendations to clients who own businesses or are planning to do so.


 Identify the types of business entities and the tax advantages and disadvantages of each.

 Identify circumstances that warrant converting from S to C Corporation and gain a basic understanding of how to make the conversion.

 Interpret tax issues related to the formation of a corporation.

 Evaluate other considerations regarding different entities and the impact on the business owner.

Major Topics

Key Topics

 Types of entities

 Formation and elections

 Start-up and organization costs

 Advantages and disadvantages comparison

Designed For

CPA firm seniors (and above) and other tax professionals looking for the best techniques to select various entity forms to solve their clients' tax and business problems.


3-5 years of tax experience