Pricing Strategies: Find the Right Fit for Your Products

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1.0 Credits

A logical pricing strategy exists for every situation, but different situations call for different strategies.  While choosing the right strategy does not guarantee success, choosing the wrong usually strategy guarantees failure.   Attend this session to gain insights into common pricing strategies and learn where your organization's products belong.  


*Understand common pricing strategies and which ones you should use for your organizations products

Major Topics

*Common Pricing Strategies  

- Priced-based competition  

- Market skimming  

- Market penetration  

- Loss leaders  

- Complementary pricing  

- Satisficing  

- Market segmentation  

*The "profit waterfall" fantasy  

*Aligning salesperson and shareholder pricing motivation

Designed For

CEOs, CFOs, Controllers, Sales and Marketing personnel


Some pricing experience is helpful

Advanced Preparation