8 Attributes of Every Winner

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2.0 Credits

What makes someone a winner?  What do the winners do differently?  The answer is - a lot.  Winners have a plan that we all can follow.  This webcast will review the steps and actions winners take and how we all can become a winner!  If you want to win and hate to fail, this webinar is for you. 


*Understand 8 attributes possessed by every winner

Major Topics

*What sets winners apart?

*Steps taken by those who became winners

*Eight attributes of winning

*The need for failure and the value of failure

*Persistence is mandatory

*How do the winners plan?


*The right team matters and how to lead the team effectively

*Comfortable or uncomfortable? The culture matters

*What winners analyze and how?

*How winners have a different attitude?

*Learning machines

Designed For

Managers at all levels, especially those in senior management or who want to be in senior management


Some financial management experience helpful

Advanced Preparation