Internal Control Creation and Design Concepts Webcast

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2.0 Credits

Improve the internal control creation process. Review the need for new or updated measures. Examine why rapid change is driving the need for more focused efforts to maintain internal controls.

The steps used to build controls are often very unofficial in nature. Successful control creators generally operate by establishing a measure creation process. They also have an understanding what is behind the need to create and change internal controls.

This session looks at concepts that underlie the development of an internal control creation process. It also reviews the forces that drive the need for new or updated measures and spends time focused on the high rate of change that is affecting businesses and therefore internal control maintenance processes.


  • List steps that should be included as new measures are created or existing one are updated.
  • Define the reasons the drive internal control change.
  • Explain of the rapid rate of change, including the growing dependence on technology is a factor as controls systems are maintained.

Major Topics

  • Developing a control measure creation process
  • Organizational controls
  • Addressing the growing risk related to business technology

Designed For

Business and financial professionals.



Advanced Preparation