Board of Trustees

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The Scholarship Foundation Board of Trustees serves our mission and the future of the profession.

Voting members of the Board of Trustees serve a 3 year term, with a maximum of five (5) terms or fifteen (15) years total. In order to serve on the FICPA Scholarship Foundation Board, the Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation require all Board members to become at least a Life Member of the Foundation.

The Board of Trustees holds two required in-person meetings per year. Board members are expected to serve on at least one Foundation Committee and one fundraising event Committee. Committee assignments are based on the interests of board members.

If you are interested in serving as a member of the Foundation Board of Trustees please contact Jan Dobson, Sr. Director, FICPA Scholarship Foundation at or (800) 342-3197

Board of Trustees

Alan West
University of Florida

President Elect
Bill Moore
Penservco, Inc

Vice President
Ashley Fagan

Vice President
Will Quilliam
Florida Southern College Barnett School of Bus & Economics

Deborah Curry
Florida Institute of CPAs

Staff Representative
Jan Dobson
Florida Institute of CPAs

Bethany Carr
Kerkering, Barberio & Company

Brandon Perry
Raposa Perry Young, LLC

Michael Halfast
Risk Avoidance Managers, Inc

Candy Kessel
Suplee, Shea, Cramer & Rocklein, PA

Carshena Allison
BCA Watson Rice LLP

Pat Patterson, Jr.
Patterson CPA Group, Inc.

Celina Jozsi
University of South Florida

Trustee Emeritus
Charles Gund, Jr
Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund, CPAs

Chuck Riggs, III
Morgan Stanley

Clarece Nash, Ph.D.
Unknown Educational Institution

Past President - Current
David Cumberland
Kerkering, Barberio & Company

Elizabeth Manso
Elizabeth D. Manso, CPA, PA

Michael Stone
Stone, Parker & Company, CPA, PA

Gary Margolis
Callaghan & Margolis, C.P.A.'s

George Gulisano
Florida Skin Center

Trustee Emeritus
George Shierling
Shierling & Kelton, CPA, PA

Trustee Emeritus
Ira Herschbein
Reed & Company, CPAs

Trustee Emeritus
Jack Niles, Jr
Niles, Kight & Company, PLLC

Jason Chorlins
Kaufman, Rossin & Co, PA

Jason Klein
Jason H. Klein PA

Trustee Emeritus
Jeff Greene
Jeffrey H. Greene, CPA, PA

Jill Carlton
Jill Carlton, CPA, PLLC

Trustee Emeritus
Jose Valiente

Karen Vergara
Allgen Financial Advisors

Ken Strauss
Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors + CPAs, LLC

Mamie Davis
Mamie L. Davis, PA

Trustee Emeritus
Mia Thomas
Florida Institute of CPAs

Trustee Emeritus
Marty Prague

Trustee Emeritus
Mike Bloom
Michael I. Bloom, CPA, PA

Trustee Emeritus
Mike Pender, Jr
Cavanaugh & Co, CPA, LLP

Monte Kane
Morrison Brown Argiz & Farra, LLC

Amy Santos
State College of Florida

Paola Suarez
South Florida Business Banking-Chase

Trustee Emeritus
Pat Gallagher
Natherson & Company, PA

Rick Smith

Robin Knuth

Trustee Emeritus
Ron Thompkins
BCA Watson Rice LLP

Steve Morrison
CohnReznick LLP

Trustee Emeritus
Tom Torres
Lucas, Herndon, Hyers & Pennywitt



1959-1960 – R. Bob Smith*

1960-1961 – Beth M. Thompson

1961-1962 – Beth M. Thompson

1962-1963 – Harry E. Hurst*

1963-1964 – Harry W. Bower*

1964-1965 – S. Hilburn Himes

1965-1966 – Russell S. Bogue, Jr.

1966-1967 – Barney Bernstein

1967-1968 – Charles H. Edwards

1968-1969 – Thomas E. Triplett*

1969-1970 – Joseph Wittenstein*

1970-1971 – James W. Kindelan*

1971-1972 - Robert C. Ellyson

1972-1973 - Robert D. May

1973-1974 - Jack T. Compton*

1974-1975 – Richard E. Arnold

1975-1976 – Richard E. Arnold

1976-1977 – Joseph Wittenstein*

1977-1978 – Milton H. Hatfield*

1978-1979 – Louis W. Dooner*

1979-1980 - Morton L. Weinberger*

1980-1981 - Jerrold S. Trumbower*

1981-1982 - Donald J. Sweet

1982-1983 - Jerome A. Schine

1983-1984 – William A. Ford*

1984-1985 - Wilber G. Van Scoik

1985-1986 - George E. Shierling

1986-1987 – Scott T. Rhine

1987-1988 – Jonathan S. Ingber

1988-1989 – James M. Lane*

1989-1990 – William A. Ford*

1990-1991 - James Steven Jay

1991-1992 - Ramon A. Rodriguez

1992-1993 – George F. Shierling

1993-1994 – George F. Shierling

1994-1995 – Thomas Torres

1995-1996 – Donald L. Berry

1996-1997 – Ronald Thompkins

1997-1998 - Eddie H. List

1998-1999 – Jack D. Niles, Jr.

1999-2000 – Charles D. Riggs, III

2000-2001 – Kenneth J. Strauss

2001-2002 – Jose E. Valiente

2002-2003 – Charles F. Gund, Jr.

2003-2004 – Martin M. Prague

2004-2005 – Patrick L. Gallagher

2005-2006 – Michael R. Pender, Jr.

2006-2007 – Ira M. Herschbein

2007-2008 – Maria (Mia) Thomas

2008-2009 – John F. Wilkinson, Jr.*

2009-2010 – Monte E. Kane

2010-2011 – Jeffrey H. Greene

2011-2012 – Michael I. Bloom

2012-2013 – Gary J. Margolis

2013-2014 – George A. Gulisano

2014-2015 – Candy L. Kessel

2015-2016 – Jason A. Chorlins

2016-2017 – Brandon S. Perry

2017-2018 – David A. Cumberland

2018-2019 – Alan West

2019-2020 – Gary A. Fracassi