MEGA Conference Committee

Thank you for the planning and financial support from the following:

MEGA Planning Committee

Anne Marie Hicks, Chair

David Bergstein

Mark E. Brechbill

Frederick H. Brown Jr

Lynda M. Dennis

Ed Grossman

Larry J. Herring

Daniel J. Hevia

Larry J. Herring

Daniel J. Hevia

Denis A. Kleinfeld

James M. Luffman

William L. Maloney

Ryan A. Myers

Anthony M. Palermo

Cecil Patterson Jr.

Michael L. Rosciam


Employee Benefits Planning Committee

John M. Sacco, Chair

Bracey T. Alexander

Tracy L. Deadman

Michael R. Durante

Lucinda L. Gallagher

C-Lamt Ho

David W. Howie

Henry J. Patton Jr

Erin M. Perdue

Poonam N. Vaidya


State Tax Planning Committee

Karen A. Lake, Chair

Vincent P. Oatis Vice-Chair

Mark R. Arrigo

Glenn A. Bedonie

David Elder

Dennis K. Gallant

Joseph P. Handy

Kevin J. Herzberg

Martin Kaye

Joseph C. Moffa

Barbara C. O’Donnell

Canita G. Peterson

Timothy P. Raines

Kenneth M. Rios

Tracey G. Sellers

Peter J. Steffens

James H. Sutton Jr

Marc S. Whitfield

Shawn M. Williams